Read Chip & PIN / EMV Card

Recently I’ve been working on a tool to allow you to read the contents of the chip on your Chip & PIN / EMV card and to decode some of the values. A lot of the information wont mean much without reading lots of long and complicated specs. But for anyone who’s interested and who has access to a PC/SC complient smart card reader on Windows here’s an example of the data that can be read.

EMV Card Browser

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4 thoughts on “Read Chip & PIN / EMV Card

  1. Hello, thank you for the software is working to read the info from the card, i was wondering if you can point me to a software which i can use to write track 2 data on a blank card. thank you

  2. good afternoon Nics only one question your system serves to MSR206 you see that are uniform system reads USB port USB ports

  3. Hi,

    I need a EMV reader and writer software that can read and write the EMV chips and should be capable of using ACR 38 device.

    Could you advice me?

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