Hex Workshop x64 Shell Extension

My favorite Hex editor is the excellent Hex Workshop. However, having just made the switch to Vista x64, I found that 32 bit shell extensions (which are COM dll’s) can not be loaded by 64 bit processes such as explorer.exe. So I hade a quick look around and came across this article by Michael Dunn and from this I have created an x64 shell extension for Hex Workshop. Feel free to download it here, just copy it to your Hex Workshop folder and register it. It was built using Visual Studio 2008, so you may need the latest MS runtime’s.

C:Program Files (x86)BreakPoint SoftwareHex Workshop v5>regsvr32 hwext64.dll

3GB or 4GB

I recently bought some more memory for my laptop, mainly ‘just because’. I mean there was nothing really wrong with 2GB, but memory is so cheap at the moment…

Anyway, after removing the panel on the bottom of the laptop and removing the old memory, I inserted the new 2GB SO-DIMM’s and now I have 4GB, or do I?

I already had an idea from reading around I had done and also the experience of my boss, that I was only going to be able to see 3GB of RAM, however to my surprise Vista SP1 reported that I had 4GB πŸ™‚ This is a new useless feature of SP1, however it can still only use 3GB πŸ™

So I have taken the plunge and installed Vista x64, so far so good, but why oh why are there 2 ‘Program Files’. I mean I understand the reason behind this, but there just seems to be a random mismatch of both x86 and x64 binaries in both folders πŸ™ So they might as well all be in one place in my opinion.

So now I better see if I can build some x64 native binaries πŸ˜‰

WordPress upgrade

WordPress 2.5 was released yesterday, so I decided to upgrade (it has a newer version number) everything appeared to go smoothly until I tried to login to the admin page πŸ™

<strong>Fatal error:</strong> Call to undefined function: wp_register_sidebar_widget() in /.../.../.../wp-admin/includes/dashboard.php on line 31

Anyway a quick google later and it appeared the best solution might be to upgrade K2 to the latest nightly build also πŸ˜€

So far everything seems to be working again and i’m liking the updates to WordPress

Universal remote control’s

My new remoteWell I just got a Harmony 525 remote control, the idea being I can replace 3 different remote’s with just 1 πŸ™‚

Logitech have a wonderful awful web interface for setting these things up, but that’s not really my thing so I had a hunt around the web for something else and finally found a project called Concordance, which is aiming to develop software capable of programming the Harmony remotes from Linux, but there code also builds and runs in Windows πŸ™‚

Heroes get up at 5am

With an early start, I made it up to Birmingham for yesterdays launch event. I had a great time and picked up some freebies, best of all I now have a new mug for the office.

My new office mug

I’d been looking for a new mug ever since I broke my beloved ASCII table mug. If anyone at Hitex wants to send me a new one, please get in touch πŸ™‚

Hello world two!

Well this post was created for me by the WordPress installer (wasn’t that nice of it!) But I won’t remove it as I will probably mostly talk about development topics here anyway, so ‘Hello world!’ seems like a good first post πŸ™‚

However, I’ve just come accross the Blogger import, so this isn’t my first post πŸ™